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Marisha Auerbach
Marisha Auerbach
Marisha Auerbach has been practicing, studying, and teaching permaculture in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade. Marisha completed her final semester at The Evergreen State College in 1998 as an intern at The Wild Thyme Farm.

Marisha was the caretaker of The Wild Thyme Farm from 1999 - 2002. It was during this time that she gained her foundation for teaching permaculture design. Marisha travelled and taught extensively from 2002 - 2009 throughout Cascadia and other parts of the world.

During this time, she gained diverse perspective and experiences to enrich her permaculture teachings. Marisha returned to reside at the Wild Thyme Farm in the fall of 2008.

Marisha encourages sustainable futures through sharing knowledge with others on a variety of topics including: permaculture, polyculture gardening, flower and gem essences, local economics, community building, ethnobotany, herbalism, edible landscape design, and organic gardening among others. She is enthusiastic about creating perennial forage systems and building local community as a response to peak oil.
Marisha's interest in local economics and creating useful items using her resources has manifested as several projects: past work on local community marketplaces in Olympia, Queen Bee Flower and Gem Essences, Herb'n Wisdom for permaculture consulting and herbal products, and Growing Greetings which produces plantable greeting cards and other products. Marisha has a small plant nursery which focuses on useful plants, edible flowers and perennial edibles. Marisha graduated from the Evergreen State College in 1998 where she focused on ethnobotany, ecological agriculture, and sustainability studies.
She continues to interact with students from the Evergreen State College by offering internships. Please contact Marisha if you are interested in hearing more about her workshop offerings.
Marisha is involved with the following communities in the Cascadia Bioregion: 
Lost Valley Education Center - lostvalley.org
Tryon Life Farm - tryonfarm.org
Trackers NW - trackersnw.com/portland-wilderness-skills.php
Raw Spirit - rawveganexpress.com/events.htm
City Repair Organization - cityrepair.org
Portland Permaculture Guild - pdxpermaculture.org
Fertile Ground Guesthouse - http://www.fertileground.org
Friends of the Trees Society - http://www.friendsofthetrees.net
Eco-Reality Co-op - ecoreality.org/wiki/Welcome_to_EcoReality!
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